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Celigo® S Imaging Cell Cytometer

Celigo Cell Imaging Cytometer

A multi-channel brightfield and fluorescence imaging cytometer for both attached & suspension cells.

Cellometer® Cell Counters and Cell Analysis Systems

Cell Analysis

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Nexcelom Technology

Nexcelom offers a wide range of Cellometer systems developed and optimized for specific applications and cell types. The systems use image-based cytometry and proprietary software to produce cell counting and analysis results unattainable via manual or flow-based approaches. Cells are spread into a thin layer of liquid and image analysis software is used to make the appropriate calculations. Many cell types and sizes can be counted and analyzed.

  • Easy-to-use software reports cell counts, % viability, concentration, cell size
  • Cell sizes from 0.5-300 microns can be counted including the clumpy and irregularly shaped
  • Time and accuracy are dramatically improved comparing to manual counting
  • Combination of bright field and fluorescent analysis yields robust and consistent performance

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Our Customers

Nexcelom's focus on the science of cell counting and on customer success has resulted in thousands of systems installed around the world. Our customers include the world's most prestigious pharmaceutical, biotechnology companies and premier academic and government research institutes. Our users are satisfied with how Nexcelom systems have aided in their work.


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About Nexcelom

Nexcelom is a cell counting solutions company. Through continuous innovation the company is a leader in technological advancements in the field. Our expertise in the science of cell counting, our understanding of customers' needs and our drive to ensure customer satisfaction and success make Nexcelom the ideal partner for your cell counting needs.

  • Proven Expertise and Innovation in Advancing the Science of Cell Counting
  • Full Line of Systems to Meet Your Needs and Automate Cell Counting
  • Customer Success Driven
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