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  • Cellometer

Quantitative Measurement of GFP Transfection

Rapidly identify fluorescence positive cells from a sample, analyze individual cell fluorescence intensity, calculate cell concentration, size and determine the GFP transfection automatically.


Automatically detect and analyze Caspase3 and 8, JC-1, and Annexin V apoptotic events using the Cellometer image cytometery.

Image Cytometry for Cell Cycle Analysis

Automatically measure the cell cycle of mammalian cells. Generated cell cycle histogram allows for easy data analysis and presentation.

Surface Marker/Protein Detection

Use the Cellometer Vision CBA to quickly and easily measure and analyze cell populations based on surface and intracellular proteins expressions.

Image Cytometry for Autophagy Detection

Analyze autophagy activity in living cells using CytoID® Green dye and GFP-labeled LC3 marker. Fluorescence histograms are used to measure mean fluorescence intensity of live cells, and then used to determine the autophagy activity factors in the population.