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ViaStain™ PI Cell Cycle Kit

Propidium Iodide (PI) cell cycle kit

The ViaStain™ PI Cell Cycle Kit is designed for fast, simple determination of the cell cycle distribution for a cell population using image cytometry. Each kit contains ready-to-use PI/RNase staining solution sufficient for 100 tests along with a detailed instruction manual outlining cell staining, imaging, and cell cycle data analysis.

Cell cycle histogram
Cell Population % of Gated Cells CV Concentration (10^6 cells/mL)
Total 100 9.2
Sub G1 1.2 5.1 0.1
G0/G1 63.4 10.5 5.8
S 13.9 11.3 1.3
G2/M 21.0 8.2 1.9
Cell cycle histogram (left) and data table (above) for a Jurkat cell control sample.

Principle of the ViaStain™ PI Cell Cycle Assay

Cell cycle analysis is used to determine the proportion of cells in each stage of the cell cycle for a given cell population based on variations in DNA content. In this assay, each cell is stained with propidium iodide (PI), a fluorescent nuclear staining dye that intercalates with DNA. Because the dye cannot enter live cells, the cells are fixed with ethanol or methanol, then all of the cells are stained. Cells preparing for division will contain increasing amounts of DNA and display proportionally increased fluorescence. Differences in fluorescence intensity are used to determine the percentage of cells in each phase of the cell cycle.

Cell cycle assay principal

ViaStain™ PI Cell Cycle Kit

Description Catalog Number Unit Size Manual MSDS
ViaStain™ PI Cell Cycle Kit for cell cycle analysis CSK-0112 15 mL pdf pdf Buy Online