Reagents and Kits for Cell Counting and Cell-Based Assays

Optimized for Nexcelom imaging systems & other fluorescence-based instruments

Reagents and Kits for Cell Counting and Cell-Based Assays

Nexcelom Bioscience offers a wide range of fluorescent reagents and kits for cell counting and cell-based assays. Our reagents are optimized to work with Cellometer and Celigo imaging systems as well as other fluorescence-based instruments. Nexcelom’s dependable and high-performance products give scientists better tools for better biology for better life!

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Cell Counting / Viability Reagents

Accurately perform fluorescence-based cell counting and viability assays. Measure percent viability and number live/dead cells.

Yeast Viability & Vitality Reagents

Use fluorescent reagents to measure yeast viability and vitality during any stage of the brewing process.

Apoptosis Reagents

Measuring programmed cell death using various apoptosis detecting reagents: Annexin V, Caspase 3/7-Live-cell, Caspase 3 and Caspase 8.

Cell Cycle Reagents

The cell cycle kit is designed for fast and simple determination of the cell cycle phases by labeling and quantifying nuclear DNA with propidium iodide.

Proliferation/Tracer Reagents

Fluorescent proliferation and cell-labeling dyes for cell identification, cell tracking and co-culture experiments.

Cell Health/Fitness Reagents

The kit provides 5 individual fluorescent tests to measure multiple physiological parameters; viability, apoptosis, vitality, and oxidative stress.


Optimized antibody kits for multiplexed immunophenotyping and viability assays.