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MBAA 2018

Monitoring Brettanomyces Concentration, Viability, and Pseudohyphae Percentage During Propagation and Fermentation Using the Cellometer X2 Image Cytometer MBAA. Brian Martyniak, Jason Bolton, Dmitry...
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  • 757

Cytometry Part A 2018

A rapid single cell sorting verification method using plate-based image cytometry Cytometry Part A. Zigon ES, Purseglove SM, Toxavidis V, Rice W, Tigges J, Chan LL....
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  • 672

SLAS Discovery 2018

Real-Time Apoptosis and Viability High-Throughput Screening of 3D Multicellular Tumor Spheroids Using the Celigo Image Cytometer SLAS Discovery. Kessel S, Cribbes S, Bonasu...
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  • 695

Cancer Research 2017

Optical Coherence Tomography Detects Necrotic Regions and Volumetrically Quantifies Multicellular Tumor Spheroids Cancer Research. Huang Y, Wang S, Guo Q, Kessel S, Rubinoff I, Chan LL, Li...
  • -1
  • 738

Cytometry Part A 2017

Real-time viability and apoptosis kinetic detection method of 3D multicellular tumor spheroids using the Celigo Image Cytometer Cytometry Part A. Kessel...
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  • 692

Journal of Immunological Methods 2017

Novel high-throughput cell-based hybridoma screening methodology using the Celigo Image Cytometer Journal of Immunological Methods.Zhang H, Chan LL, Rice W, Kassam N, Longhi MS, Zhao H, Robson...
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  • 661

Methods in Molecular Biology 2017

Assessment of Cell Viability with Single-, Dual-, and Multi-Staining Methods Using Image Cytometry Methods in Molecular Biology. Chan LL, McCulley KJ, Kessel SL...
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  • 724

SAGE Journals 2017

A Novel Multiparametric Drug-Scoring Method for High-Throughput Screening of 3D Multicellular Tumor Spheroids Using the Celigo Image Cytometer SAGE Journals Scott...
  • 0
  • 661

Cytotechnology 2016

A high-throughput AO/PI-based cell concentration and viability detection method using the Celigo image cytometry Cytotechnology Leo Li-Ying Chan,Tim Smith, Kendra A....
  • 0
  • 605

Analytical Biochemistry 2016

Cellometer image cytometry as a complementary tool to flow cytometry for verifying gated cell populations Analytical Biochemistry Dmitry Kuksin, Christina Arieta...
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  • 685

Journal of Laboratory Automation 2016

High-Throughput 3D Tumor Spheroid Screening Method for Cancer Drug Discovery Using Celigo Image Cytometry Journal of Laboratory Automation Sarah Kessel, Scott...
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  • 716

MBAA TQ 2016

Measuring Glycogen, Neutral Lipid, and Trehalose Contents in Yeast Using Fluorescence- Based Image Cytometry  MBAA TQ Leo Li-Ying Chan, Alexandria Kury,...
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  • 760

Natural Killer Cells 2016

Assessment of Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity Using Image Cytometry Method  Natural Killer Cells Kelsey J. McCulley and Srinivas S. Somanchi Although...
  • 0
  • 794

MBAA TQ 2016

Measuring Lager and Ale Yeast Viability and Vitality Using Fluorescence-Based Image Cytometry MBAA TQ Leo Li-Ying Chan, Dan Driscoll, Dmitry Kuksin,...
  • 0
  • 709

Journal of College Biology Teaching 2015

Investigation of Macrophage Differentiation and Cytokine Production in an Undergraduate Immunology Laboratory Journal of College Biology Teaching Charlotte Berkes and Leo...
  • -1
  • 639

PLoS One Somanchi SS 2015

A Novel Method for Assessment of Natural Killer Cell Cytotoxicity Using Image Cytometry PLoS One Somanchi SS, McCulley KJ, Somanchi A,...
  • 0
  • 712

Oncotarget 2015

JQ1 suppresses tumor growth through downregulating LDHA in ovarian cancer Oncotarget Qiu H, Jackson AL, Kilgore JE, Zhong Y, Chan LL,...
  • 0
  • 666

J Transl Med. 2014 Aug 21;12(1):226

Evaluation of the antitumor effects of c-Myc-Max heterodimerization inhibitor 100258-F4 in ovarian cancer cells J Transl Med. 2014 Aug 21;12(1):226. Wang...
  • 0
  • 644

Journal of the ASBC 72(2):102-109, 2014

Acknowledgement: A Novel Method of Inducing and Retaining Cell Cycle Synchronization in Cultures of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Journal of the ASBC 72(2):102-109, 2014....
  • 0
  • 581

J Fluoresc. 2014 Apr 17

Automated Enumeration and Viability Measurement of Canine Stromal Vascular Fraction Cells Using Fluorescence-Based Image Cytometry Method  J Fluoresc. 2014 Apr 17....
  • 0
  • 642

J Fluoresc. 2014 Apr 13

Discriminating Multiplexed GFP Reporters in Primary Articular Chondrocyte Cultures Using Image Cytometry  J Fluoresc. 2014 Apr 13. Chan LL, Huang J,...
  • 0
  • 613

Cytotechnology. 2014 Mar 19

Morphological Observation and Analysis using Automated Image Cytometry for the Comparison of Trypan Blue and Fluorescence-based Viability Detection Method Cytotechnology. 2014...
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  • 590
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