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White Paper – Cell Counting

Practical Cell Counting Method Selection to Increase the Quality of Results – Based on ISO Cell Counting Standards Based on...
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  • 914

White Paper: Immunotherapy

History of Immunotherapy and CAR T Cells Immunotherapy and Adoptive Cell Transfer One of the most promising fields in cancer...
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  • 1028

White Paper: Cytotoxicity

A Novel NK Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity Detection Method Using the Cellometer Vision As part of the innate immune system, natural killer...
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  • 735

White Paper: Trypan Blue vs AOPI

Morphological Analyses Comparing Trypan Blue and AOPI Viability Staining Methods Using Cellometer Image Cytometers This white paper discusses a head-to-head...
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  • 848

White Paper: Wound Healing

Measuring Wound Healing and Cell Migration using Celigo Imaging Cytometer This white paper discusses the Celigo image cytometer as a...
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  • 617

White Paper: Screening Applications

Brightfield and Fluorescent Image Analysis for Screening Applications using the Celigo Imaging Cytometer This white paper discusses whole-well imaging and...
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  • 807

White Paper: Breast Cancer

Characterization of Breast Cancer Drugs via Mammosphere Morphometric Analysis Using Celigo Imaging Cytometer This white paper discusses using the colony...
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  • 694

White Paper: Viral Titer

Automated Method for Determination of Infectious Dose (TCID50) using Celigo Imaging Cytometer This white paper discusses the qualitative assessment of...
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  • 626

White Paper: Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell

Non-Disruptive Quantification of 2° Reprogrammed iPS Colonies Using Celigo Imaging Cytometer This white paper discusses the Celigo automated segmentation and...
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  • 1059

White Paper: 3D Tumor Spheroids

3D Tumor Spheroid Analysis Method for HTS Drug Discovery using Celigo Imaging Cytometer This white paper discusses data that demonstrates...
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  • 672

White Paper: Cell Proliferation

A Rapid and Label-Free In Situ Assay Method for Cell Proliferation and Drug Toxicity using Celigo Imaging Cytometer
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  • 747

White Paper: Cell Line Development

Increasing Efficiency in Cell Line Development using the Celigo Imaging Cytometer This white paper discusses that the Celigo Imaging Cytometer...
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  • 725

White Paper: Cell Cycle

Measuring Drug Effect on Cell Cycle Profile Using the Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer Cell cycle analysis is a commonly used...
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  • 870

White Paper: Immunophenotyping

Using the Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer for Immunophenotyping Cell phenotyping through the identification of biomarkers is essential for the diagnosis...
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  • 672

White Paper: Mitochondrial Membrane

Measuring Mitochondrial Membrane Potential with JC-1 Using the Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer Alterations in apoptosis are relevant to a large...
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  • 674

White Paper: Stromal Vascular Fraction

Concentration and Viability Measurement of Canine Stromal Vascular Fractions using Cellometer Vision The use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) in...
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  • 746

White Paper: Murine Cell Proliferation

Time-Course Monitoring of Primary Murine B1 and B2 Cell Proliferation using Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer Cell proliferation is an important...
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  • 719

White Paper: Autophagy

Using Cellometer Vision and Cyto-ID Stain for Autophagy Detection in Living Cells Our understanding of autophagy has expanded tremendously in...
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  • 775

White Paper: Apoptosis

Measuring Apoptosis and Necrosis Cell Populations by Heat and Compound Induction using the Cellometer Vision Recently, a new imaging cytometry...
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  • 787

White Paper: Trypan Blue

Comparison of Trypan Blue and Fluorescence-Based Viability Detection Methods Via Morphological Observation Determining cell viability is a vital component in...
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  • 823

White Paper: Fluorescent Viability

Comparing Fluorescence-Based Viability Detection Method using the Cellometer Vision In this work, Cellometer Vision was employed to demonstrate rapid fluorescence-based...
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  • 794

White Paper: GFP

Detection of Multiplexed GFP Reporters in Primary Articular Chondrocyte Cultures Using Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer In this work, we have...
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  • 789

White Paper: PBMC

Accurately Count PBMC and Measure Viability in the Presence of Residual RBC We have identified that inherent RBC contamination in...
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