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App Note: T-cell Immuno-phenotyping

Novel Method for T-cell Immuno-phenotyping Using Image Cytometry To quantitatively determine the antigen receptors in a sample,immunophenotyping is the most...
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  • 535

App Note: Cell Proliferation

Celigo provides an alternative method to Cell Titer-Glo for proliferation studies in suspension cells Traditional cell proliferation assays involve multiple...
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  • 625

App Note: ADCC

Direct Cell Counting Assays for Immuno Therapy Cytotoxicity assays play a central role in studying the function of immune effector...
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  • 539

App Note: Cell Counting Characterization

Celigo Cell Counting Characterization Embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cell colonies spontaneously differentiate and form three-dimensional multicellular...
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  • 556

App Note: Spheroid Analysis

Non-invasive spheroid analysis and characterization The current 2D methods for cancer drug discovery have not been as successful at identifying...
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  • 621

App Note: Cell Counting

Rapid label-free direct cell counting in measurement of cell proliferation for compound screening Cell proliferation is one of the most...
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  • 577

App Note: Growth Tracking

Automated, label-free growth tracking and culture management within flasks and multi-well plates The use of cell-based assays continues to grow...
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  • 502

App Note: Cell Health

Rapid, cell-based in situ cellhealth assessments Assays of cell health are the most common assays performedin cell biology. Cell health...
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  • 477

App Note: Cell Cycle

Cell cycle analysis on Celigo Analysis of the cell cycle is often used in drug screening to discover compounds that...
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  • 497

App Note: Transfection Optimization

Transfection Optimization UsingExpression Analysis Optimization of cell transfection typically includes determining the optimum mass of plasmid to be transfected and...
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  • 529

App Note: Label-Free

Automated Cell Growth Tracking for Cytotoxicity, Proliferation Label-Free, Non-Destructive, No Need to Trypsinize Adherence Cells The Growth Tracking application automatically...
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  • 550

App Note: Stem Cell

Monitor iPSC Reprogramming, Stem Cell Pluripotency, Differentiation Here we demonstrate the ability of the Celigo adherent cell cytometer to combine...
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  • 559

App Note: 3D Tumor Spheroid

Automated Imaging and Analysis of 3D Tumor Spheroids, Cancer Stem Cells 3D Tumor Spheroids Functional AssaysThe Celigo imaging cytometer has...
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  • 521

App Note: Fluorescence Assays

Multiplex Fluorescence Assays for Oncology Research The combination of a bright field and three fluorescent channels allows the Celigo to...
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  • 536

App Note: Cell Line Development

Cell Line Development – Single Cell Detection, Clonal Validation, Transfection The process of developing a cell line to produce a...
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  • 465

App Note: Neonatal Cardiomyocytes

Isolation, Quantitation and Viability Analysis of Neonatal Cardiomyocytes using Cellometer The neonatal rat cardiomyocyte model has beenused for many years...
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  • 484

App Note: Cell Cycle

Image-Based Analysis of Cell Cycle Using PI The process of DNA replication and cell division isknown as the cell cycle....
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  • 643

App Note: Hepatocyte

Development of a Novel Method to Assess Primary Hepatocyte Concentration and Viability The Cellometer Vision Cell Analyzer incorporatesimage based cell...
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  • 497

App Note: GFP Transfection

Quantitative Measurement of GFP Transfection Rates in 60 Seconds Cellometer Vision incorporates image based cell countingand fluorescence detection in a...
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  • 476

App Note: Apoptosis

Rapid Detection of Apoptosis in Jurkat Cells with FITC Conjugated Annexin-V Cellometer Vision incorporates image based cell countingand fluorescence detection...
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  • 520

App Note: Adipocytes

Automated Counting and Sizing Freshly Isolated Adipocytes with Minimal Sample Preparation Cellometer Vision incorporates image based cell countingand fluorescence detection...
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  • 537

App Note: Clumpy Cells

Cellometer Tips for Counting Clumpy Cells Tips for producing MCF7 single cells Wash cells first with calcium free medium or...
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  • 496

App Note: Phytoplankton

Alternative Image-Based Technique for Phytoplankton Cell Counts in Shellfish Aquaculture Shellfish aquaculture presents a sustainable alternative foodsource to satisfy global...
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  • 532
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