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Product Insert: ViaStain AO/PI

AO/PI (acridine orange / propidium iodide) staining solution for live/dead Mammalian nucleated cells CS2-0106-5mLCS2-0106-25mL The ViaStain™ AOPI Staining Solution in PBS enables...
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Product Insert: ViaStain AO

AO (acridine orange) staining solution for staining of nucleated cells CS1-0108-5mL The ViaStain™ AO Staining Solution enables the user to...
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  • 649

Product Insert: ViaStain PI

PI (propidium iodide) staining solution for staining of dead nucleated cells CS1-0109-5mL The ViaStain™ PI Staining Solution enables the user...
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  • 640

Product Insert: ViaStain Calcein AM

Cell permeable viability dye. In live cells, non-fluorescent Calcein AM is converted by cellular esterases into green fluorescing cells CS1-0119...
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Product Insert: DAPI

DAPI CS1-0127-2mL DAPI is a fluorescent dye that binds to DNA. Excited by UV light, and may be used to...
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Product Insert: Hoechst 33342

Hoechst 33342 CS1-0128-5mL Hoechst 33342 is a fluorescent dye, excited by UV light, that binds to DNA. Hoechst 33342 is...
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  • 624

Product Insert: Yeast dilution buffer

ViaStain Yeast Dilution Buffer CS0-0110-500ML The ViaStain™ Yeast Dilution Buffer in combination with the ViaStain™ Yeast Live / Dead Cell...
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  • 635

Product Insert: CFDA-AM Yeast Vitality

ViaStain™ CFDA-AM Yeast Vitality Stain CSK-0125-200uL The ViaStain™ CFDA-AM Yeast Vitality Kit enables the user to quantitatively distinguish metabolically active...
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Product Insert: PI Apoptosis

Propidium iodide for the detection of dead and/or necrotic cells CS1-0116-1 Annexin V and propidium iodide are used to measure...
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  • 610

Product Insert: Caspase-8 Apoptosis Kit

CaspGLOW™ Fluorescein in Active Caspase-8 Staining Kit K188-25-NK188-100-N The CaspGLOW™Fluorescein Active Caspase-8 Staining Kit offers a simple, sensitive method for...
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Product Insert: ViaStain Calcein AM

ViaStain™ Calcein AM CS1-0119 Calcein AM (Calcein acetoxymethyl ester) is a cell permeable, non-fluorescent compound. Upon crossing the cell membrane,...
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Product Insert: ViaStain CFSE

ViaStain™ CFSE CS1-P0002-1 Nexcelom ViaStain™ CFSE is a cell-permeable, non-fluorescent compound. Upon crossing the cell membrane, CFSE is rapidly hydrolyzed...
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