STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics – is vital to our future. At present, our students are not stacking up with the other developed countries. We understand the value and importance of encouraging students to explore these STEM fields, and consider a career in a STEM.

STEM education

For that reason, we created a package specifically designed with high schools, colleges and universities in mind. It’s called our Teaching Lab – and it has everything a teacher needs to bring automated cell counting technology into their classrooms and labs at a discounted price. The Cellometer Mini and Cellometer Auto 1000 are both options for this program – bright field automated cell counters. Incorporate one of these into a Research Initiatives or Research Methodology course, and have your students count cells for concentration and viability manually, with a hemacytometer, and then on the cell counter.

This introduces your students to the types of instruments and technologies they may encounter as progress in their science careers.  Nexcelom’s Teaching Lab gives students a great hands-on experience with research tools and introduces them to automated cell counting methods, all while improving the competitiveness of your institution’s science and technology departments. If you’d like to know more about what is included in the package, check us out here.