See how to speed up your cell counting workflow.

“The Cellaca has made our NHP necropsy days much smoother. We will typically count 80-100 samples on a typical necropsy day, and what used to take us an hour or two with multiple people has now been reduced to a one-person job with much shorter time. It really has been a game-changer in our lab.”

Keith Kauffman, NIH/NIAID

With labs having to operate with fewer people the ability to increase efficiency has become more important than ever. Now is the time that labs are looking at their procedures and how they can get things done faster with fewer people available.

Cell counting can be a significant bottleneck, even with an automated cell counter.

The ability to analyze 24 samples in 48 seconds for brightfield and 2.5 minutes with fluorescence has been a game-changer for many labs.

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