…a neck massage!

There’s a new article out from Biocompare entitled “Cell Counts and More” – and we have to give joke credit to them. We think it’s a pretty good one, and accurate, just like our instruments. One of our customers, Tiffany Sidwell, of UCLA Immunogenetics Center, even provided some feedback on the very topic last year. Tiffany shared:

“Counting cells daily on the microscope was very bad for my occipital joints and muscles. Since using the Cellometer Auto 2000, I no longer have neck pain when counting cells. Thank you Nexcelom!”

There are many, many benefits associated with an automated cell counter: improved accuracy, reproducible results, efficient, health benefits… And depending on the automated cell counter you select, you can save assay parameters to use consistently, you can capture images and save results.

We think our automated cell counters are the best available, but we know there are a lot of options to select from, so as you are evaluating your options, our local Applications Scientists are here to answer questions you may have, set up a free in-lab demo, or work with you to arrange a free 1-week evaluation of most of our instruments.