Cellometer Mini Bright Field Cell Counter Video Demonstration

This video demonstrates the Cellometer Mini, an affordable automated cell counter that gives total count, concentration and mean diameter in under 3 seconds.

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We think STEM is important – and we’re doing something about it.

STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics - is vital to our future. At present, our students are not stacking up with the other developed countries. We understand the value and importance of encouraging students to explore these STEM fields, and consider a career in a STEM. For that reason, we created a package specifically designed with high schools, colleges and universities in mind. It's called our Teaching Lab - and it has everything a teacher needs to bring automated cell counting technology into their classrooms and labs at a discounted price. The Cellometer Mini and Cellometer Auto 1000 are [...]

Lack of funding keeping you from the research equipment you need?

Did your lab’s grant fall through? Funding not an option?  We get it – money’s tight right now. In Nexcelom’s long line of automated cell counters, there is one instrument designed specifically with your budget in mind – the Cellometer Mini! As the lowest-cost cell counter on the market, it utilizes bright field imaging, and is perfect for any lab looking to achieve basic cell count, concentration and Trypan Blue viability of cultured cell lines and purified primary samples. It’s affordable, accurate, and small enough to fit in your purse or backpack! Need a little convincing?  Don’t just take our word [...]

Cellometer Training Webinars available on YouTube!

Nexcelom hosts free, live monthly training webinars for our Cellometer instruments. Our webinars cover a variety of instruments, cell types and applications. We have taken our recorded webinars and added them to our YouTube channel! We've created a playlist entitled "Cellometer Training Webinars" and the list will continue to grow as we release more. This is a great resource for you and new lab team members to get additional training on your Cellometer instrument. We host new training webinars each month, so revisit our YouTube channel from time to time to see new content as it's produced and added.  

Introducing Teaching Lab Program with Cellometer Mini and Cellometer Auto 1000

In collaboration with our academic customers, we have developed a Teaching Lab program now available to any academic customer. Our program is designed to seamlessly integrate into courses that introduce students to: Using industry standard biotechnology tools and techniques Examine fundamental cell biology: cell health, morphology, viability Basic laboratory techniques: Hemacytometer vs. automated cell counting Hands-on experience using research tools in student-driven projects Incorporate novel technology into routine workflow Many colleges and universities nationwide have already incorporated our teaching lab program into their Freshman Research Initiatives and Research Methodology courses. The teaching lab program is a great teaching tool and [...]

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