Cell Therapy Development for Solid Tumors

This webinar  highlights a variety of assays to support the development of cell therapies for solid tumors. We will review:

  • Challenges in cell therapy development targeting solid tumor
  • T cell activation, proliferation and T cell mediated killing assays
  • Personalized organoid models for T cell mediated cytotoxicity
  • Co-culture assay to measure specificity of immunotherapies

We will introduce image cytometry and how it has enabled the development and characterization of T cell therapies. We will highlight novel in vitro models, including the use of patient-derived organoid to evaluate T cell efficacy, and co-culture of target and non-target cells to measure specificity of immunotherapies.

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Dr Andrea Love

Speaker: Andrea C. Love, PhD
Andrea received her PhD in Immunology and Microbiology from New York Medical College. Her research focused on immune cell signaling and activation in the context of infectious disease, with particular emphasis on differential host-pathogen interactions. She joined Nexcelom in 2014 as a Field Applications Scientist, and currently serves as a Senior Business Development Manager, providing subject-matter expertise in the immunology and immuno-oncology research areas.