Introducing Teaching Lab Program with Cellometer Mini and Cellometer Auto 1000

In collaboration with our academic customers, we have developed a Teaching Lab program now available to any academic customer. Our program is designed to seamlessly integrate into courses that introduce students to: Using industry standard biotechnology tools and techniques Examine fundamental cell biology: cell health, morphology, viability Basic laboratory techniques: Hemacytometer vs. automated cell counting Hands-on experience using research tools in student-driven projects Incorporate novel technology into routine workflow Many colleges and universities nationwide have already incorporated our teaching lab program into their Freshman Research Initiatives and Research Methodology courses. The teaching lab program is a great teaching tool and [...]

Identifying and Resolving the Sources of Hemacytometer Counting Error through Automation

It’s White Paper Wednesday! This month’s featured white paper: Identifying and Resolving the Sources of Hemacytometer Counting Error through Automation The hemacytometer persists as the gold standard for laboratory cell counting. First utilized in 18th century France as a means to analyze patient blood samples, the hemacytometer has gone through a series of major developments over the past hundreds of years, creating a modern instrument that is more accurate and easier to use than its predecessors. The hemacytometer remains an integral part of all cell-based research, and yet sources of error inherent in its design and utilization persist. Those sources [...]

Counting Chambers – Is Reusable Really Better?

Let’s talk about counting chambers for a minute. You might call it a slide, a consumable or a chip. It’s all the same to us. Nexcelom’s first product was a disposable hemacytometer CP2. The rationale  was the existing product available for researchers was the hemacytometer, and that was riddled with problems and concerns. They were (and are!) expensive, they are prone to breaking and could be time consuming to wash. Everyone has a bad day from time-to-time, when their mind is somewhere else. It’s not too hard to imagine that human error would come into play and result in a [...]

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