Cellometer Mini Bright Field Cell Counter

Affordable, accurate automated cell counter for trypan blue viability

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15 different cell lines in less than 10 minutes

This product is such a time saver!
I do experiments involving many different cell lines and u...

Purdue University
Oct 25, 2018

15 different cell lines in less than 10 minutes

This product is such a time saver!
I do experiments involving many different cell lines and usually, it takes a lot of time. I can only count 2 cell lines at a time using a hemocytometer. But using the [Mini] automated cell counter I have been able to count 15 different cell lines in less than 10 minutes.
I absolutely love this product, and recommend it for cell culture use!
Purdue University
Oct 25, 2018

Consistent results

It [Cellometer Mini] is a faster, higher throughput way of getting consistent results with the least...

Sep 19, 2018

Consistent results

It [Cellometer Mini] is a faster, higher throughput way of getting consistent results with the least variance across individuals. Reduction in manual error translates to greater reliability for the results.
Sep 19, 2018

Great machine to train new students

I have used the Cellometer Mini in my lab for about 6 months and my workload has become much easier ...

Sep 14, 2018

Great machine to train new students

I have used the Cellometer Mini in my lab for about 6 months and my workload has become much easier especially when working with multiple different cells lines. This is a great machine to train new students and who are new to cell counting.
Sep 14, 2018

Very satisfied

We have the [Cellometer] Mini and Vision and are very satisfied with both instruments....

Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Jun 27, 2018

Very satisfied

We have the [Cellometer] Mini and Vision and are very satisfied with both instruments.
Walter Reed Army Institute of Research
Jun 27, 2018

Introduction to the Cellometer Mini Bright Field Cell Counter

The Cellometer Mini utilizes bright field imaging and pattern-recognition software to quickly and accurately identify and count individual live cells and dead cells stained with Trypan Blue. Trypan blue cell count, concentration, diameter, and % viability are automatically calculated and reported in <10 seconds … in only 3 seconds with some computers!

Fast, Simple, Accurate Analysis

Load Sample

Loading Sample for trypan blue cell counting

Insert Slide

Inserting Slide for trypan blue cell counting

Select Assay, Count

Select Assay for trypan blue cell counting

View Images

View counted images for trypan blue cell counting

Get Results

Get Results from trypan blue cell counting

Small Footprint, Compatible with Most Computers

The Cellometer Mini is designed to fit in even the smallest lab space. Cellometer software can be loaded on most computers* and linked to the Cellometer Mini with a special USB cable.

*Minimum Recommended Computer Specifications
2.2 GHz or higher
USB 2.0 port
1024 x 768 pixel display
Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8

Small computer for trypan blue cell counting

Cellometer Mini software is compatible with touchscreen laptops and computers.

Analyze Individual Cells in Clusters and Irregular-Shaped Cells

Clumpy Cell image for trypan blue cell counting

Clumpy Cells

The Cellometer pattern-recognition software identifies and counts individual cells within cell clusters for the most accurate cell counts. One example is the trypan blue cell counted image of A549 cancer cells shown at right.

Irregular-shaped cells - trypan blue cell counting

Irregular-shaped Cells

The Cellometer cell roundness setting can be adjusted for recognition and counting of irregular-shaped cells, such as RD cells, activated T-cells, and skin cancer cells like the SK-MEL-2 cells shown at right.

Cell Size Analysis & Size-based Counting

Cell size histogram from trypan blue cell countingThe Cellometer Mini automatically generates a cell size histogram based on cell diameter.

The minimum and maximum cell diameter settings can be optimized to exclude debris or very large cells or to count specific cells in a sample.

Counted Cell Images for Data Verification

Counted Cell Images shows live and dead cells during trypan blue cell countingCounted cells can be viewed on-screen for verification that cells in the sample are being imaged and analyzed properly.

Users can confirm that:

  • cells are counted correctly, based on size and shape
  • debris is excluded
  • cells within clumps are being counted individually

Faster and More Precise than Manual Counting

Hemacytometer under microscope during trypan blue cell counting

Counting 1 x 106 cells takes approximately 5 minutes with a manual hemacytometer. Counting live and dead cells sometimes takes twice as long. The Cellometer Mini reports count and concentration for live and dead cells and % viability in <10 seconds … more than 25 x faster than manual counting!

Improve Data Accuracy & Consistency

  • Eliminate Wash Steps
  • Eliminate Judgment Errors
  • Eliminate Recording & Calculation Errors
  • Reduce Inter-Operator Variability
  • Standardize Data Reporting
  • Reduce Counting Time … Run More Experiments

Counting Chambers – No Washing or Contamination

Cellometer cell counting chambers for trypan blue cell counting

Cellometer Disposable Counting Chambers consist of two independent enclosed chambers with a precisely controlled height. Cell suspension of 20 microliters is loaded into the chamber using a standard single channel pipette. The chamber is inserted into the Cellometer cell counter and the cells are imaged directly from the chamber.

The disposable Cellometer Cell Counting Chambers offer several key advantages:

  • Time savings – no washing
  • No risk of cross-contamination
  • Reduced biohazard risk to users
  • Controlled sample volume

Easily Print & Save Data and Cell Images


Print directly from the software screen. The standard printout displays live, dead, and total cell count and concentration, % viability, and cell images. Select the Auto-Print setting to automatically generate a report for each cell count.


Easily Save data and images to a network, local computer, or data stick. Choose to Auto-Save data, raw images, and/or counted images to a network, local computer, or data stick.

Dedicated On-line and On-site Applications Support


Experienced Nexcelom Technical Support Specialists are available from 9 am to 5 pm EST for phone and online support and can assist with:

  • Creation of new cell types
  • Optimization of counting parameters
  • Troubleshooting
  • Training of new users
  • Installation of a new Cellometer Mini Cell Counter

All Cellometer users can submit online training requests at www.nexcelom.com/training or contact Nexcelom Technical Support at 978-327-5340 or support@nexcelom.com

Cellometer Mini Applications

Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy

Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy

Use Cellometer to perform cell-based assays and measure cell size, viability and concentration of cell lines and primary samples used in adoptive cell therapy research. »

Trypan Blue and AO/PI

Cell Viability Measurement Using Trypan Blue or AO/PI

When should you use trypan blue and when should you use acridine orange/propidium iodide to measure cell viability? »

Cell Size Assay

Cell Size Assay

Performing cell size measurement assay and using cell size to count cells within preset cell size parameters. For adipocytes, stem cells, Sf9 cells, dendritic cells, and others. »

Cancer Cell Lines

NCI-60 Cancer Cell Lines

Automatically measure live cell concentration and viability of cancer cell lines used in oncology research and most of all biology research. »

Insect Cells

Insect Cells

Automatically measure live cell concentration, viability for baculovirus infected insect cells. Cell size histogram live cell concentration and viability are generated within less than 60 seconds using 20 µl sample. »

Stem Cells

Stem Cells

Automatically measure live cell concentration and viability for stem cells, such as human and mouse ES cells, mesenchymal, cardiac, induced pluripotent stem cells. Multiple viability stains, such as trypan blue, propidium iodide are used to identify dead cells. For samples with a lot of debris, dual fluorescent nuclear stains are used for live and dead cells. »

Performance of the Cellometer Mini Cell Viability Counter

Consistency and Accuracy Comparison to Hemacytometer


N = 20 Hemacytometer Cellometer Mini
Average 1.03E+06 1.04E+06
STDEV 6.60E+04 9.49E+04
%CV 6.4% 9.1%

5 µm beads

N= 20 Hemacytometer Cellometer Mini
Average 1.07E+06 1.12E+06
STDEV 5.90E+04 6.04E+04
%CV 5.5% 5.4%

Cell counting is much quicker and easier with the Cellometer Mini. Also, what is considered a live cell vs. a dead cell is no longer subjective!

It is very convenient and fast to determine cell density and viability using the Cellometer Mini!

The Cellometer Mini has allowed us to save precious time during our cell counting procedure instead of manually counting cells.

We have two Cellometer Minis in our lab. They are very easy to use and count the cells very fast!

Using the Cellometer Mini is so much better than manually counting cells! It also makes cell culturing experiences much quicker and less painful than previously.

The Cellometer Mini has helped the lab a lot for cell-counting! It is much easier and more efficient than doing it by hand. As a new student in the lab, I am grateful to have cool technology to help me out!

For a company that sells cells, a fast and accurate way to count cells is essential. Nexcelom’s Cellometer Miniimproves cell counting accuracy and saves our scientists a lot of time! – Anita Tang, iXCells Biotechnologies

Our entire lab loves the Cellometer Mini and how much time is saves us! I recommend it for anyone looking to ditch the hemacytometer!

The Cellometer Mini saves us so much time and gives more consistent results! We can also look at the past pictures of the cells and their counts!

The Cellometer Mini is so easy to use that I can teach undergraduates and even high school students to use it! They get accurate cell counts and can focus on the science they are learning rather than on how to use a hemacytometer! – William Staatz, University of Arizona College of Medicine

We love our Cellometer Mini! It’s so easy to use and only uses a small footprint of our valuable real estate. – Laura Banaszynski, UTSW

The Cellometer Mini bright field automated cell counter is great for measuring viability of cell lines and cultured primary cells when samples are stained with Trypan Blue. This machine has very accurate cell counting software algorithms that can identify, count, and measure bright, live cells and stained dead cells in under 10 seconds – even cells that are clumped together or irregularly shaped! Also, it is very easy to use as well as powerful! – Umakant Sharma, University of Miami

The Cellometer Mini design is very elegant. Before I got the device, I thought it might be another boring, normal one. But when I received it, I found that it is very easy to set up! The user interface is very friendly and easy to use. The operation procedures are simple and easy to follow, which may save a lot of time. The counting results are accurate and the software is very easy to understand and use. The results can be directly viewed on the screen, and it also saves a lot of energy!

We have been using the Cellometer Mini for years now and we are very happy to have a machine which is easy to use and gives good results!

We love our Cellometer Mini! It is so easy and accurate, it makes cell counting a breeze and the ease of use is awesome for students and residents!

The Cellometer Mini is very easy to use and performs well, even with small cells.

The Cellometer Mini is a fantastic instrument! It has been very reliable over the last 6 momths and we use it every week. No issues counting viable cells! – Joe Taube, Baylor University

The Cellometer Mini saved my time and eyes for sure! The best part is that the software provides many options to adjust the setting for different cell shapes and clumps. Our Applications Scientist from Nexcelom was excellent in helping me set up the assays and gave a training session regarding many useful functions.

The Cellometer Mini has made my life so much easier! Definitely beats counting cells by hand. It has been so nice to have this product!

I work with cancer cell lines and some of them grow in clumps making it difficult to count cell numbers. However, by using the Cellometer Mini I am able to get an accurate cell count! I also use the Cellometer K2 for apoptosis assays which makes light of a lot of work, since traditional flow cytometry is time consuming and requires a high number of cells.

The Cellometer Mini has saved me tremendous amounts of time while producing valid and reliable results for my assay development.

I have been using the Cellometer Mini for over 2 years now and its works fantastically! It is quick and efficient for getting cell counts for my cell culture experiments.

The Cellometer Mini is such a timesaver compared to using the hemacytometer! We love it and use it all the time. It is easy for students and residents to use, which also saves us in training time.

The Cellometer Mini is incredibly rapid at counting cells. Even better, the software has a built-in calculator for determining dulutions. It speeds up our workflow. -Joe Taube, Baylor University

We are very happy to use the Cellometer Mini. I need to count many cell lines and it saves time and gives me nice, accurate results. -Fotini Nicolaou, MGH

I really appreciate the small footprint of the Cellometer Mini. It doesn’t take up much space and it is very easy to use. The guides provided made it a no brainer. – Alla Brafman, Leidos Biomedical Research, Inc. at FNLCR

The quick and reliable cell counting provided by the Cellometer Mini allows us to get more consistent tumor sizes for in vivo work.

We use the Cellometer Mini. It’s my favorite tool! It allows for assays that require many, many, many cell counts to be doable.

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