Cell-Based Fluorescent Assays in Micro-Well Plates

Fluorescent Assays
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Cell Cycle

Image and distinguish cell cycle phases using Propidium Iodide (PI), BrdU/DAPI and EdU/DAPI.

Viability/Cell Health

Quick and easy plate-based viability methods: calcein AM/PI/Hoechst, Hoechst/PI and AO/PI.

Internalization & Phagocytosis

Detect and measure receptor or antibody internalization and phagocytosis via fluorescent detection.


Image and perform population analysis for GFP/RFP or other multi-color assays.

Surface Proteins & Antibodies

Detect and enumerate fluorescently-labeled cell surface antibodies or proteins.


Quantify transfection and transduction efficiencies by direct cell counting.

Cell Secretion

Quantitative fluorescent analysis of protein secretion from individual cells.


Perform kinetic and endpoint apoptosis experiments using caspase 3/7 and annexin V.

Wound Healing

Measure migration of fluorescently-labeled cells over time in a wound healing migration assay.