From Cell-based Discovery and Development to High-Throughput Manufacturing

Rapid, Compliant, and Scalable Workflow Solutions

Cell counting standards are a vital part of workflows in pharma and cell and gene therapy, at all stages from R&D to development to manufacturing. Nexcelom has partnered with the NIST and ISO on standards for cell-counting qualification and workflows that we’ve built into the fast, compliant, and scalable software for our K2 and Cellaca cell counting systems. Now you can see how it all works in a 30-minute demo!

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In the webinar, you will see how our modernized Matrix software fits multiple needs on multiple hardware platforms, all while maintaining strict regulatory compliance. Using our software and systems, you’ll be able to harmonize and streamline cell-based assays in both upstream and downstream processes, whether you need low- or high-throughput. Additionally, you’ll see our high intra-instrument precision and easy assay and data transfer features first-hand.