About Krishna Vallabhaneni, PhD

Dr Krishna Vallabhaneni is the Southeast Field Application Scientist for Nexcelom Bioscience. He is a confident and articulate communicator with over 10 years of experience in the complex world of stem cell biology and cancer research. A superhero himself, Krishna travels the Southeast bringing his expertise in the science of cell counting to the region.

Are Your Buffers Giving Accurate Cell Counts?

Assuring accurate cell viability is critical both pre- and post-thaw as the freezing process can alter cell characteristics.

An Automated Cell Counting Superhero – All in the Palm of Your Hand

Tired of manual cell counting? Let's face it, manual cell counting is tedious. When your day is filled with culturing many cell lines at one time, that's hours of your day just to get the data you need. Not only that, the manual process can be riddled with judgment errors, miscounts, and user-to-user variability. I know what you’re thinking, "You're telling me my hours hunched over a microscope counting cells may not even be producing reliable data?!" Yup. You need a superhero. "So what are my options?" Well, what if there were a powerful superhero that could take a small [...]

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