Webinar on Demand: Cell Counting Method Development for CAR-T Cell Therapy

Webinar on Demand: Accurate and consistent cell counting methods for development and manufacturing of CAR-T under GMP/GLP conditions.

Webinar on Demand: ISO Cell Counting Standards

Practical Application of ISO Cell Counting Standards to Improve the Quality of Cell Counting Measurements

Webinar: Trypan Blue vs Fluorescent Cell Counting

In this webinar we highlight the differences between trypan blue and fluorescence-based cell counting methods.

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Advantages of a Standardized Automated Cell Counting Method for Cell Therapy

Q & A regarding the crucial need for accurate and consistent cell counting methods for development and manufacturing of CAR-T under GMP/GLP conditions.

Cell Size Measurement using Cellometer Automated Cell Counters

Video: Unlike manual counting, Cellometer measures both individual and mean cell sizes, and can generate size distribution histograms for all counted cells.

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Why Are You Using Trypan Blue to Determine Viability Post-Thaw?

After the freeze-thaw cycle, when viability drops, trypan blue's cytotoxic effect can further damage cells when incubation is required, thus skewing the sample's viability.

Isolating Primary Cells 101: Which viability method is best for your research?

What is the best and most accurate cell counting and viability method for primary samples? How do we select the appropriate method for viability measurement?

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Can you Trust Automated Cell Counting?

This webinar covers aspects such as accuracy, consistency and repeatability as a means of building trust and confidence in automated cell counting results.

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Importance of Accuracy and Consistency for Viability and Concentration in the field of Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy

What is adoptive cell transfer therapy? What cells are commonly used? What are the counting and viability methods for these cell types?

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