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Demo on Demand: Run Simple Cell-Based Assays on a Cellometer Spectrum

Watch the Demo Demonstration video of Cellometer Spectrum As easy to use as an automated cell counter, with the Spectrum Image Cytometer you can perform all of the following: Cell count, concentration, and viabilityTwo-color antibody assaysGFP/RFP TransfectionCell health and cell-based assays, including:ApoptosisCell ProliferationCell CycleMitochondrial PotentialPhagocytosisSurface Marker Analysis

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Optimization of stem cell cryopreservation and differentiation webinar

Watch the Webinar Webinar: Tools and methodologies for the optimization of stem cell cryopreservation and differentiation Cell and gene therapy is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the modern medical field. Multiple cell types have been used to develop therapeutic procedures for treating cancer or genetic disorder patients, such as CAR-T, Dendritic, TCR-T, and various stem cells. Storage conditions must be optimized to prolong shelf-life to ensure cells used for clinical research and treatment are properly prepared. Delicate cells like iPSCs and other stem cells also require proper culturing techniques and differentiation procedures to ensure high quality out [...]

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Safety Data Sheets

Safety Data Sheets Nexcelom provides Safety Data Sheets all of our reagents. Please see the list below for your specific product and download the appropriate SDS. Cell Counting / Viability Reagents ReagentCatalog NumberUS SDSEU SDSViaStain™ AOPI Staining SolutionCS2-0106-5mLCS2-0106-25mLUS:AOPIEU:AOPIViaStain™ AO Staining SolutionCS1-0108-5mLUS:AOEU:AOViaStain™ PI Staining SolutionCS1-0109-5mLUS:PIEU:PIViaStain™ Calcein AMCS1-0119US:CalceinEU:CalceinViaStain™ Calcein AM / PI Cell Viability KitCSK-0118US:CalceinUS:PIEU:CalceinEU:PIViaStain™ Calcein AM / Hoechst / PI Cell Viability KitCSK-V0006-1US:CalceinUS:PIUS:HoechstEU:CalceinEU:PIEU:HoechstDAPICS1-0127-2mLUS:DAPIEU:DAPIHoechst 33342CS1-0128-5mLUS:HoechstEU:HoechstViaStain™ Hoechst/PI Viability KitCSK-V0005-1US:PIUS:HoechstEU:PIEU:Hoechst Yeast Viability and Vitality Reagents ReagentCatalog NumberUS SDSEU SDSViaStain™ Yeast Kit for Live/Dead ConcentrationCSK-0102-2mLCSK-0102-10mLUS:AO/PIEU:AO/PIViaStain™ PI Staining SolutionCS1-0109-5mLUS:PIEU:PIYeast Dilution BuffCS0-0110-500MLUS:BufferEU:BufferViaStain™ CFDA-AM Yeast Vitality StainCSK-0125-200uLUS:CFDA-AMEU:CFDA-AM Apoptosis Reagents ReagentCatalog NumberUS SDSEU SDSAnnexin V-FITCCS1-0114-1pdfEU pdfAnnexin V Binding BufferCS0-0115-1pdfEU [...]

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How do I request training?

How do I request training? Nexcelom is dedicated to providing outstanding customer support. On-line and In-lab training is available for all Nexcelom instruments. For urgent technical issues, call 978-327-5340 (US) or +44 (0) 161 232 4593 (UK) Please submit a On-Line or In-Lab Training Request here

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Where can I submit a support ticket?

Where can I submit a support ticket? For a prompt response to technical issues, please submit a support ticket. If you need immediate assistance please call 978-327-5340 (US) or +44 (0) 161 232 4593 (UK) Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm EST. Submit a Support Ticket here

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What cell types have been analyzed using Cellometer?

What cell types have been analyzed using Cellometer? Cellometer Automated Cell Counting & Analysis Systems have been used to image and analyze a wide variety of sample types, including both primary cells and mixed cell populations. Optimized protocols for analysis of PMBCs, stem cells, primary hepatocytes, adipocytes, yeast, platelets, algae, and other sample types are available. Please see this partial list of cell types that have been imaged with the Cellometer system.

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Product Insert: Total ROS Green for Cellaca MX

Download the Product Insert ViaStain™ Total ROS Green for Cellaca MX CSK-V0019-1 Oxidative stress is caused by an accumulation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) within cells or tissues. While the production of ROS is part of the normal cellular metabolic processes, the cell’s inability to neutralize these radicals may have a direct impact on cell health, physiological functions, and possibly lead to cell damage or even cell death. Over the years, oxidative stress has been linked with multiple chronic and degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, stroke, inflammatory diseases, neurodegenerative diseases, and cancer.  The role of antioxidants, including vitamins [...]

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