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Webinar: Tools and methodologies for the optimization of stem cell cryopreservation and differentiation

Cell and gene therapy is one of the most rapidly growing areas in the modern medical field. Multiple cell types have been used to develop therapeutic procedures for treating cancer or genetic disorder patients, such as CAR-T, Dendritic, TCR-T, and various stem cells. Storage conditions must be optimized to prolong shelf-life to ensure cells used for clinical research and treatment are properly prepared. Delicate cells like iPSCs and other stem cells also require proper culturing techniques and differentiation procedures to ensure high quality out of the differentiated cell types.  

In this educational webinar, we:

  • Discuss a fully automatic cryopreservation system that controls temperature fluctuations to ensure short, long-term stability, proliferation, and differentiation capacity of cell-based therapeutic products
  • Learn about the tools to provide an accurate assessment of stem cells such as cell concentration, viability, and other optimization to ensure proper starting material
  • Experience high-throughput image cytometry for stem cell research and developing regenerative medicines

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