Assays for Virology Research

Assays for Virology Research
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Analysis of Viral-Based Assays for Vaccine Therapy and Disease Research: Automation, High Throughput and Multi-Parameters

The Celigo imaging cytometer is an essential technology for the standardization and optimization of viral based assays. With rapid image acquisition and data analysis, viral plaque, antibody neutralization, and multiplexed high-throughput assays are achieved in minutes. Also, enhanced sensitivity, for measuring viral titers of low-level infections is achieved through direct cell counts of whole-well images. The versatility of the Celigo instrument provides fast, efficient and reliable results for your virology research.

Viral Titer

Measure viral titers by automatic detection and quantification of formed viral plaques and foci using horse radish peroxidase or fluorescent labeling.

Plaques and Foci Counting

Use Celigo to perform high-throughput plaque and foci counting. Load a stack of plates and allow the instrument to image the whole plate and report the number of plaques or foci per well.

Viral Infection

Monitor viral infections by direct staining and detection of viral particles within infected cells.

Antibody Neutralization

Perform quantification for viral antibody neutralization assays by directly detecting viral particles before and after the addition of antibodies or sera.

Transduction Efficiency

Measure transduction efficiencies by imaging and quantifying the fluorescent signal from positively transduced cell lines.

Cytopathic Effect

Measure viral CPE by performing a confluence measurement.

CAR T Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity

Measure the killing of virally infected cells or cells expressing viral proteins by chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) T-cells.