How Long Does it Take to Set Up a Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometer?

Video: Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometer performs cell-based assays in minutes. You'll be up & running your assays in 15 minutes, from delivery to cell analysis.

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Cell Size Measurement using Cellometer Automated Cell Counters

Video: Unlike manual counting, Cellometer measures both individual and mean cell sizes, and can generate size distribution histograms for all counted cells.

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Isolating Primary Cells 101: Which viability method is best for your research?

What is the best and most accurate cell counting and viability method for primary samples? How do we select the appropriate method for viability measurement?

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Quick and Easy Way to Measure Yeast Concentration and Viability During Beer Fermentation

This webinar presents information specifically developed for breweries and reviews various detection methods – both traditional methods and the Cellometer image cytometry methods, to see advantages/disadvantages of each.

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Rapid yeast viability detection method in complex brewing samples using the Cellometer X2 Image Cytometry

This webinar reviews yeast viability, and specifically addresses challenges that arise when working with complex or messy samples.

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Can you Trust Automated Cell Counting?

This webinar covers aspects such as accuracy, consistency and repeatability as a means of building trust and confidence in automated cell counting results.

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How to Improve your Primary Cell Analysis: Make it Accurate, Quick and Simple

This webinar takes a look at primary cell analysis and the difficulties of counting with traditional methods and presents an alternative of fluorescent counting.

How to Perform High Throughput Cell Cycle Assays

This webinar takes a look cell cycle. How is it currently examined? Is there a better way? What if cell cycle assays could be performed in a high throughput method?

Importance of Accuracy and Consistency for Viability and Concentration in the field of Adoptive Cell Transfer Therapy

What is adoptive cell transfer therapy? What cells are commonly used? What are the counting and viability methods for these cell types?

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