Addressing Primary Cell Counting Concerns

Everyone I meet that performs primary cell counting wants to optimize the amount of time they spend doing that task. They also agree that 30 seconds per count sounds pretty good.

Isolating Primary Cells 101: Which viability method is best for your research?

What is the best and most accurate cell counting and viability method for primary samples? How do we select the appropriate method for viability measurement?

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How to Improve your Primary Cell Analysis: Make it Accurate, Quick and Simple

This webinar takes a look at primary cell analysis and the difficulties of counting with traditional methods and presents an alternative of fluorescent counting.

Live Webinar: Isolating Primary Cells 101: Which Viability Method is Best for Your Research?

Cellometer Auto 2000 Cell Viability Counter Thursday, February 13, 12-12:30 PM EST Presented by: Leo Chan, Nexcelom Bioscience Technology R&D Manager James Lee, AllCells Laboratory Manager What process is used to obtain cells from bone marrow and normal peripheral blood? What is the best cell counting and viability method for primary cells? Nexcelom Bioscience, your cell counting experts, and AllCells, your primary cells research partner, have joined together in an exclusive collaboration to host a free webinar to help educate researchers and present data from their own experiences. Join our Laboratory Scientists for this collaboration including a Q&A [...]

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Automate Hemocytometer for Murine Primary Samples

Cellometer Bright Field and Fluorescent Cell Counters for Murine Primary Samples Obtain fast, accurate, and consistent cell viability and concentration measurements of primary murine samples in < 30 seconds — Tissue debris, cell debris, and red-blood cell contamination can lead to inconsistent cell counts from sample to sample when performing manual counting Performing fluorescent-based analysis using Acridine Orange/ Propidium Iodide (AO/PI) allows for the identification and enumeration of only nucleated cells Cell concentration and viability are two common measurements that are performed for great variety of primary murine samples: Mouse Tail Vein Bleeds, Splenocytes, Lymphocytes, BAL, Tissue Digests, Tumor Digests, [...]

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