Quick and Easy Way to Measure Yeast Concentration and Viability During Beer Fermentation

This webinar presents information specifically developed for breweries and reviews various detection methods – both traditional methods and the Cellometer image cytometry methods, to see advantages/disadvantages of each.

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Rapid yeast viability detection method in complex brewing samples using the Cellometer X2 Image Cytometry

This webinar reviews yeast viability, and specifically addresses challenges that arise when working with complex or messy samples.

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Concentration and Viability Detection Method for Brettanomyces using Image Cytometry

This webinar details a novel concentration and viability detection method for Brettanomyces using image cytometry.

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How to Perform 1-Step Yeast Concentration & Viability

This video demonstration explains how to perform 1-step yeast concentration and viability using image cytometry.

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How to Measure Yeast Cell Concentration and Viability in Corn Mash

This video demonstration features the Cellometer Vision to measure yeast cell concentration and viability in a highly viscous corn mash sample.

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Cellometer on Tap – Yeast Cell Counting for Breweries

How many brewers does it take to count yeast? This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. In truth, cell counting is really simple but labor intensive & extremely time-consuming. With a Nexcelom Cellometer X2 – it only takes one click & 30 seconds per sample! Cellometer has earned a reputation as the “go to” cell counter for breweries seeking accurate yeast counts, viability & vitality. Just look at the map comparing the distribution of Nexcelom’s Cellometer automated yeast counters and the Top 50 breweries in the US. Data based on beer sales volume adapted from Brewery Association (BA) [...]

Counting Brettanomyces is Complicated

If you use Brettanomyces in your brewery, you know that counting brett cells is complicated. Leo Chan joins MBAA to discuss the development of a method to automate cell counting of Brettanomyces. Check out the podcast here: https://goo.gl/pGT3vs

The Science of Beer

Dr. Chan's paper, "Measuring Lager and Ale Yeast Viability and Vitality Using Fluorescence-Based Image Cytometry" examines the use of image cytometry for multichannel fluorescent assessment of yeast viability and vitality during the brewing process.

What’s “hoppening” in the Craft Brewing Industry?

Based on an article published by NPR this week, the Craft Brewing Industry is alive and well, with over 5,000 craft brewers in operation last year.  And for as many craft breweries that are out there, there are as many different ways to rank them!  The Brewers Association will rank by sales and production;  Vinepair has a map displaying the number of breweries by state; Thrillist seems to have organized the ranks based on their opinion of the offerings; Travel + Leisure positions the beer offerings with the city's appeal. Source: Brewers Association Regardless of how you rank [...]

Cure cancer… and brew better beer with Cellometer

Nexcelom has been using a slogan for the past few years - Better tools for better biology for better life. We manufacture better tools (Cellometer & Celigo) that help researchers perform better biology (cell counts, viability, drug discovery, cell-based assays, etc...) which leads to advances in science and better life for everyone involved! When we were coming up with the slogan, we were going to finish the third part to read "for better science" - but one of our customer groups are breweries (yeast are cells, too!)  - and we didn't want to exclude such an important group. One of [...]

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