Transcript: Cellometer Auto 2000 Demonstration

The Cellometer Auto 2000 is an automatic cell viability counter with dual fluorescence. The system provides consistent, reliable and accurate results for primary cells.

Viability can be done with either trypan blue or fluorescence stains.

As seen here, PBMC is mixed with acridine orange and propidium iodide.

Just 20µl of the stained sample is loaded into the Cellometer counting chamber.

Cell images are previewed and a touch of a button starts cell counting.

After cell images are acquired, results are displayed on the screen in 30 seconds or less.

Fluorescent stained live and dead cells produce strong signals among debris and unwanted cell types. Cellometer takes cell images and analyzes them based on preset parameters to determine live and dead cell concentration and viability.

To meet the desired target cell concentration or cell number, the software includes an intuitive sample adjustment calculator.

Results also include the total count, cell size histogram, percent viability and concentration.

Cell images can be viewed to confirm counted cells.

Results can be printed or saved to a network location.

The all plastic counting chamber is easily disposed of after use.

The Cellometer Auto 2000 all-in-one system consistently delivers accurate and reliable results.

Cellometer. Simply counted.