If you are experiencing difficulty counting your PBMCs with Trypan Blue using a hemacytometer, we feel your pain! But did you know all that pain can be avoided? With the Cellometer Auto 2000 automated cell counter, counting peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs) and other complex primary samples is a breeze! Using dual fluorescence image-based cytometry and staining your samples with AO/PI (acridine orange and propidium iodide), the Cellometer Auto 2000 cell counter can detect live and dead nucleated cells while excluding debris, red blood cells, platelets in your sample. Here is what some of our happy customers counting PBMCs have to say:


“My colleague and I have purchased a Cellometer Auto 2000 cell counter. We are using it now and it has facilitated our work greatly. We routinely process PBMCs from both fresh whole blood and from frozen stock. The Cellometer has made it much easier to get cell numbers and viability percentages for use in downstream applications such as IVS and Elispot.”  – Human Longevity, Inc.


“The Cellometer makes counting PBMC’s from serum really fast, so when I have to plate from 18 different samples it doesn’t take as long as a hemocytometer would!”  – Colorado State University


“The Cellometer Auto 2000 makes cell counting much faster and more accurate than manual counting.  Our laboratory needs to complete splenocyte and PBMC isolation protocols as quickly as possible, and the Cellometer allows us to count samples from 6 isolation batches in about 15 minutes.  This gives us the ability to isolate more cells at a time, because we know they will not be sitting too long before we have a final count.”  –   Academic Research Laboratory


“Our Cellometer is an important asset to the work we do in our lab, specifically PBMC isolation. No common cell counter has the capacity to count PBMCs. We love the portability of the instrument (due to its small size) along with being able to see the cells on the screen and the extra features – such as sorting data, printout capability, and aliquot calculations. Truly a fantastic investment!” – Leading comprehensive cancer center lab


The Cellometer Auto 2000 can also be used for counting stem cells, splenocytes, irregular-shaped cells, messy and clean samples!  Forget the hassle of red blood cell (RBC) contamination, broken hemacytometers, and inaccurate counts – as one of our fluorescent automated cell counters may be a great addition to your lab! We offer free in-lab evaluations of the Auto 2000, so if you’d like to try one for yourself – fill this form out!