Counting cells with a hemacytometer is a long, dull process on its own – but if you’re trying to count cells that are clumped together in your sample, it can become a real headache! Clumpy samples make it hard to discern the individual cells from one another, causing a high risk of human error and skewed cell counts. Your results can be extremely difficult to reproduce, as the cell count would likely vary from person to person counting the same clumpy sample, causing a lack of confidence in your data.  Luckily, we have a solution. The Cellometer Auto T4 automated cell counter is optimized for cultured cell lines, even the clumpy ones!

Cellometer Auto T4 counted cell image shows individual counted cells outlined in green.

Cellometer Auto T4 counted cell image shows individual counted cells outlined in green.

As the first automated cell counter ever manufactured, the Auto T4 set the standard with its pattern-recognition software and bright field imaging used to calculate cell count, concentration and viability with Trypan Blue.  If you are counting clumpy cell lines such as C6, HT29, DLD, KAT4, GHOST or MCF-7, just to name a few, you can use the Auto T4’s de-clustering settings to achieve an accurate cell count! It will identify and individually count each cell in your sample.

But don’t take our word for it – here’s what our customers have to say about the Auto T4:

“The Cellometer Auto T4 is a nice device for cell counting! The great feature is the ability to count clumps of cells!” – Tufts University

“The Cellometer Auto T4 automated cell counter makes the lab life fun and easy! Before this, I used a hemacytometer for counting cells which took so much time and had many difficulties, especially when the number of samples were large. The Auto T4 is able to ease that pain. Also, its precision is very high and numbers are very reproducible. Overall A+” – University of South Florida

“The Cellometer Auto T4 is a very high functioning machine that operates with high accuracy and precision for measuring concentrations and percent viability for cultured cells stained with Trypan Blue.  The Auto T4 meets the claims of reporting within 30 seconds the live, dead, and total cell count; the live and total cell concentration; the mean cell diameter; and the percent viability. I really love the ability and functions where it automatically generates a cell size histogram based on cell size. I love this machine and it is a must-have for our upstream lab!” – Southeast State University

Using the Auto T4 can quickly and accurately get you the results you need, using only 20uL of sample in less than 30 seconds!  Getting a precise cell count has never been so easy!  Eliminate human error with the hemacytometer and the struggle of counting clumps by letting the Auto T4 do the work for you!  If you are ready to automate your cell counting process, request a quote or speak with your local specialist today to learn more or request a free one-week evaluation.