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Quantitative Measurement of GFP Transfection Rates in 60 Seconds

Cellometer Vision incorporates image based cell counting
and fluorescence detection in a compact and easy-to-use
instrument. Cellometer Vision is an economical and faster
alternative to flow cytometry for many cell population
characterization assays such as rapidly determining GFP
transfection rates.

Green fluorescence protein (GFP) has been widely applied in
cell-based assays. The fluorescence signals are used as a
readout to monitor gene functions in cell proliferation,
differentiations, toxicity, motility, morphology, etc. Currently,
to quantitatively analyze fluorescent cells, researchers have to
utilize a calibrated flow cytometer. However, in addition to the
complexity, cost and availability limitations, flow cytometry is
often not the best solution for cell population analysis due to
the potential of complex samples clogging the flow system.
Time and materials required for analysis can also be inhibitive
for rapid and routine cell characterizations such as stem cell
research and clinical sample analysis.

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