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Comparing Fluorescence-Based Viability Detection Method using the Cellometer Vision

In this work, Cellometer Vision was employed to demonstrate rapid fluorescence-based viability measurements and the comparison of various fluorescent staining methods. First,
fluorescent nucleic acid stains that examine membrane integrity were tested and validated by comparing against the standard trypan blue exclusion method. Similarly, fluorescent enzymatic stains that examine metabolic activities were tested and validated against the standard trypan blue exclusion method. Third, nucleic acid and enzymatic stains were compared by measuring viabilities of Jurkat cells incubated at different temperatures of water bath. Finally, to show the advantages of dual-staining method for “messy” primary cell samples Hoechst 33342, acridine orange, carboxyfluorescein diacetate, and Calcein AM in combination with propidium iodide were utilized [1-3] for isolated primary splenocytes and peripheral blood mononuclear cells with high level of debris and RBCs.

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