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Accurately Count PBMC and Measure Viability in the Presence of Residual RBC

We have identified that inherent RBC contamination in fresh human PBMC can vary from 0 to greater than 30%.

Results of 15 human PBMC samples were analyzed for their RBC contamination %

4 samples showed High contamination (> 30%)
6 samples showed Medium contamination (10 – 30%)
5 samples showed Low contamination (< 10%)
(Journal of Immunological Methods, Volume 388, Issues 1–2, 28 February 2013, Pages 25-32)

Acridine Orange/Propidium Iodide Dual Fluorescent stain provides an assay method to identify live and dead nucleated cells without interference from red blood cells.

Cellometer cell counters employ AO/PI method to automatically count PBMC & Measure Viability without Lysing RBC.

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