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App Note: Primary Cell Analysis

Enumeration and Viability of Nucleated Cells from Bone Marrow, Cord Blood, and Mobilized Peripheral Blood Worldwide, more than 25,000 allogeneichematopoietic...
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  • 472

App Note: PBMCs

Concentration & Viability of PBMCs without Lysing Importance of Accurate PBMCCounts Peripheral blood mononuclear cells are routinelyused to measure immunological...
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  • 526

App Note: Stem Cells

Automated Methods for Counting and Analyzing Stem Cell Samples The Cellometer line of automated cell counters incorporatesimage based cell counting...
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App Note: WBCs

Direct Count of White Blood Cells from Peripheral Blood Sample without Lysing Red Blood Cells Cellometer Vision incorporates image based...
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App Note: PI Viability

Simple, Fast Determination of Viability by Staining Cells with Propidium Iodide Cellometer Vision incorporates image based cell countingand fluorescence detection...
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App Note: Insect Cells

Insect Cell Counting and Size Analysis Using Cellometer Auto T4 Insect cells are routinely used in transfection, plaques assays,virus production...
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App Note: Cell Counting

Cell Counting Repeatability and Consistency Cell counting accuracy is governed by two major factors. The first one is thehomogeneity of...
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App Note: Yeast

Yeast Concentration and Viability using Image-Based Fluorescence Analysis Yeasts are an economically important organismused for ethanol production in the beverage...
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