A modern approach to traditional virology research

If you missed our webinar on modern virology research, it is now available on-demand.

During this webinar, Dr. Suzanne Riches highlights a variety of approaches for conducting virology assays in a high-throughput format. Topics will include:

  • Vaccine Development
  • Anti-viral Drug Screening
  • Importance of Assessing Immune Response

Image cytometry and how it has enabled anti-viral and vaccine candidate screening processes to be completed efficiently are introduced. The various methods of determining viral titer and calculating TCID50 and ultimately discuss ways of increasing productivity while maintaining accuracy are highlighted. Experimentally is emphasized in terms of generating data from:

  • Plaque and Focus Formation Assays
  • Cytopathic Effect Experiments
  • Infectivity Assays and Microneutralization Assays
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Speaker: Suzanne Riches, PhD
Suzanne first delved into the Cancer Research world after accepting a job at AstraZeneca following her Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences. She continued with this line of research further and graduated with a Ph.D. in Cancer Cell Biology from the University of Manchester. A four-year Post-Doctorate position in assay development led her to Nexcelom Bioscience where she has been working as an application scientist for the past two and a half years. Her expertise within Nexcelom includes Virology and Vaccine Development applications as well as high-throughput Oncology Assays and Accurate Cell Counting.