In 2007 two guys (and their dog) set out on a journey to revolutionize the brewing industry. With a passion for flavor, quality and a love of craft brewing, they created the BrewDog brand. Almost a decade later they are by far one of the world’s premier craft brewers, with an ever-expanding British brewery, 26 independent bars around the world, and range of brews that have become the staple of the craft connoisseurs. Along with a huge export business comes the breaking of ground on BrewDog’s new US brewery (Ohio). In order to continue producing the highest quality beers consistently and in the quantities required to meet global demand, BrewDog has incorporated the Nexcelom Cellometer technology into their daily workflow. Being able to identify the concentration, viability and vitality of their brewing yeast give the master brewers at BrewDog absolute control and confidence over the consistency of their ever-popular products. BrewDog’s Quality Assurance Manager, Jan Klos describes the Cellometer:


“The Nexcelom Cellometer X2 has been with the lab QC staff for a couple of months now and has already become part of our essential lab equipment for day-to-day measurement. With our ever-increasing job list in the lab, it is great to have an instrument that is easy to set up, work with and that provides confidence in every result. Checking the viability/vitality of yeast in a brewery is crucial and the Quality Assurance and Brewing teams really enjoy performing accurate, reliable yeast counts as well as viability and vitality checks with the X2 to make sure our yeast is in the best condition for a high-class fermentation to create awesome beers. The training and the support from Nexcelom is excellent – Big Thanks from BrewDog for a huge step forward in beer science!”