Repurposing immune cells to develop new therapies

For the development of new drugs and the advancement of new cell therapies, pharmaceutical companies have recurred to cytotoxicity assays as a quick way to assess the viability of cell lines in response to an external stimulus.

Do you rely on a Flow Cytometer? Want to break free?

If you rely on a flow cytometer in a core lab or a central facilities lab, have you ever wondered if there was a better way? Have you ever wished to have full control over your experiments, rather than hand your sample over to a technician?  There was an interesting article written recently about the needs of researchers. Have you seen this? Those interviewed for the article suggest that there are some main factors for consideration: The instrument size needs a smaller footprint than existing products offer The price of the instrument should be under $100,000 Software ease-of-use to reduce [...]

Cellometer Gets Flow Results without Flow Cytometry

Cellometer Vision CBA combines the simplicity of image cytometry with the power of flow analysis software to offer simple, accurate cell-based assays. Generate comparable results to flow cytometry with the Vision CBA Analysis System: Apoptosis Cellometer Vision CBA video demonstrations Autophagy Cell Cycle Proliferation Transfection Viability ... and Others Features of the Vision CBA Analysis System Dual-Fluorescence: The Vision CBA Analysis System comes equipped with two standard fluorescent optics modules for dual-staining analysis of primary cells in heterogeneous samples. Fast Results: Obtain cell images, counts, size measurements, viability calculations, and population data in < 3 minutes. Enhanced Sensitivity: [...]

Get Flow Results without Flow Cytometry

Cellometer Vision CBA Image Cytometry System Incorporation of FCS Express 4 Software (De Novo Software) into the Vision CBA Analysis System has enabled users to conduct image-based analysis of cell-based assays requiring enhanced gating for the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible results. Side-by-side comparison of results for apoptosis, cell cycle, mitochondrial potential, autophagy, ABC transporter assays, aggresome detection, CD4+ / CD8+ immunophenotyping, and other assays has shown Cellometer image-based analysis results to be comparable to flow cytometry. Flow core labs can utilize the Vision CBA instrument to pre-screen samples prior to sorting and flow cytometry analysis and to [...]

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