High-Throughput Imaging Assessing Virus-Neutralizing Activity of Sera from Vaccinated Individuals

The severe acute respiratory coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) has caused the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, infecting more than 206 million people and causing upwards of 4.34 million deaths at the time of writing.

Demo On-Demand: Run Simple Cell-Based Assays on a Cell Counter!

Watch the Demo: On an easy to use automated cell counter, the Spectrum Image Cytometer, you can perform simple cell-based assays!

High-Throughput Viral Titer Analysis

There are many methods to determine a viral titer, with each having its pros and cons, however the increasing need to have high throughput methods to determine viral titers are ever-pressing.

Detection of Multiplexed GFP Reporters in Primary Articular Chondrocyte Cultures Using Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer

It's White Paper Wednesday! Read our featured white paper: Detection of Multiplexed GFP Reporters in Primary Articular Chondrocyte Cultures Using Cellometer Vision Image Cytometer In this work, we have developed an image cytometry method for detecting and monitoring the cell expansion and differentiation of articular chondrocytes in primary culture. First, the feasibility of utilizing image cytometry for detection of fluorescent is shown by comparing measured fluorescent positive cell populations to flow cytometry. Next, articular chondrocyte cultures were established in multi-well plates from either single or Cyan/eGFP double reporter mouse lines and grown for 20 days to test the utility of the [...]

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Perform quick & easy cell based assays using Cellometer Image Cytometer

Using Cellometer Image Cytometer to Perform Consistent and Accurate Cell Cycle, Apoptosis, and GFP Analysis Cellometer K2 and Vision instruments are capable of not only accurately and quickly measuring the cell concentration and viability, but also have the capability to perform multiple cell-based assays. Below we highlight three such assays: Cell Cycle Apoptosis GFP Performing Cell Cycle Assay Analyze and compare the effects of different cell cycle pharmacological agents. Provides researchers with the ability to visually review and confirm counted cells. Use the provided FCS Express™ templates for quick and easy data analysis and presentation. Data acquired on the Cellometer [...]

Get Flow Results without Flow Cytometry

Cellometer Vision CBA Image Cytometry System Incorporation of FCS Express 4 Software (De Novo Software) into the Vision CBA Analysis System has enabled users to conduct image-based analysis of cell-based assays requiring enhanced gating for the most accurate, reliable, and reproducible results. Side-by-side comparison of results for apoptosis, cell cycle, mitochondrial potential, autophagy, ABC transporter assays, aggresome detection, CD4+ / CD8+ immunophenotyping, and other assays has shown Cellometer image-based analysis results to be comparable to flow cytometry. Flow core labs can utilize the Vision CBA instrument to pre-screen samples prior to sorting and flow cytometry analysis and to [...]

Video Presentation: Using Cellometer Image Cytometry to Detect and Measure GFP Expression Efficiency

This presentation will focus on using Cellometer image cytometry to effectively determine GFP or other fluorescent protein transduction/transfection efficiency and cell concentration, as well as detect and quantify dual expression in a cell population. Quantifying GFP can be done in four easy steps. First pipette 20 ul of target cell sample into a disposable counting chamber. Then insert the slide into the instrument, select your assay from the drop-down menu, focus and click count. Within seconds the instrument acquires images, identifies cells with and without fluorescence and automatically tabulates the results. The results include the number of cells counted in [...]

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