How Long Does it Take to Set Up a Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometer?

The Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometer performs cell-based assays in minutes. The system has user-changeable fluorescent optics modules and provides flow results without flow cytometry.

Cellometer User Training Webinar

LIVE WEBINAR How to Edit Your Result and Print Templates on the Cellometer Auto 1000 Register Here Thursday, October 25, 2018  at  11AM ET / 8AM PT In this webinar: -How to use the Auto 1000 software interface -How to edit the Print and Result templates -How to determine which results can be included in the templates -Time for questions and answers PRESENTED BY: Lauren Bristol

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Addressing Primary Cell Counting Concerns

Everyone I meet that performs primary cell counting wants to optimize the amount of time they spend doing that task. They also agree that 30 seconds per count sounds pretty good.

Evaluating Anticancer Drug Compounds using Image Cytometry

Image-based, automated analysis of 3-D tumor spheroids in microwell plates is becoming standard practice for the evaluation of anticancer drug compounds.

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EACR Conference Series- Goodbye Flat Biology: In Vivo Inspired Cancer Biology and Therapy

9-12 September 2018 | Berlin, Germany Stand #3 11 September 12:10 INDUSTRY SYMPOSIUM - NEXCELOM BIOSCIENCE Somaieh Hedayat, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK "Patients derived organoids (PDOs) to model therapy response ex vivo" Muge Sarper, The Institute of Cancer Research, UK "Large-scale phenotypic drug screen on biomimetic 3D models"Muge Sarper.

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22nd Annual Merck Technology Symposium

Come visit us at booth #413 Merck Technology Symposium 2018 September 5-6, 2018 Ocean Place Resort Long Branch, NJ Posters being presented: High-throughput foci counting of viral titer and antibody neutralization assays using the Celigo Image Cytometer for developing a novel cross-reactive influenza vaccine Long-term time-course monitoring of NK cell-mediated ADCC using the Celigo Image Cytometer A high-throughput 3D tumor spheroid screening method for drug discovery using imaging cytometry

Automated Cell Counters: Accurate, Reproducible Cell Counts for the Entire Cell Therapy Workflow

Cellometer automated cell counters have been facilitating CAR T manufacturing with accurate cell counting and analysis since 2010.