Accurate Cell Counting for CAR T Therapy

Variability is inevitable in the booming field of cell therapy, where “products” are derived from living human cells, where each donor is different. To ensure high quality, low production runs, and cost: Optimized apheresis collection, GMP/GLP friendly cell isolation and processing protocols are a must. In such workflows, accurate cell counting remains a bottleneck in the production and testing of cell therapy products.

Good news and bad news.

There is good and bad news, depending on how you see the world: The good news for labs that do a lot of cell counting is the increased availability of “in-between” tools like a small scale flow cytometer or an imaging-based automated cell counting systems. The bad news is that the market is now flooded with such tools.

Cellometer automated cell counters: facilitating CAR T manufacturing with accurate cell counting and analysis since 2010.

The Nexcelom ethos is based on providing the most accurate, reproducible cell counts using cellometer and Celigo platforms for the entire cell therapy workflow.
accurate automated cell counters for CAR T therapy

Cellometer automated cell counters pay for themselves in less than 3 months.

Cellometer Spectrum automated cell counter

Our newest addition to the to the Cellometer fleet, the Cellometer Spectrum counts cells and provides viability analysis in less 10 seconds/count. When you factor in the importance of accuracy, volume of cells required per count (10µl), number of cells counted/day, and number of hours required to complete such simple task manually- the Cellometer pays for itself in less than 3 months.

Celigo: One of the fastest image cytometers on market.

Celigo image cytometer

Celigo is one of the fastest, automated user-friendly image cytometers on market. A 96-well plate, scanned and analyzed, takes less than 5 min. Fluorescence applications for direct cell counting, viability, immune-cell activation, and immune cell-mediated cytotoxicity assays are heavily utilized to test the functionality of final cell therapy products in the top 10 pharmaceutical and government institutions like the FDA.

Cell-based applications on our Cellometer and Celigo platforms bridge the gap between a fluorescent microscope and a fully-functioned flow cytometer. You are working with precious samples, efficiency at all levels is a must. If you want to achieve speed, accuracy, consistency without sacrificing quality, test drive Cellometer or Celigo.

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